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TRS does not have any preferential agreements with particular hotel companies guaranteeing them certain concession or incentives for convincing clients to book their meetings in those hotels as many of our competitors have.  We do not permit outside influences or agreements that might alter our recommendations which would in turn alter our ability to represent our clients and their best interests.


Welcome to TRS Hospitality, the right solution for your site selection needs.  Taking advantage of the services provided by TRS will allow you to save time and resources while lowering your meeting and event costs.  Allow us to do the legwork, research hotels and free you up to focus on your existing day-to-day schedule.  We will help you find the best property and value for your upcoming meetings.  TRS Hospitality is committed to forming a beneficial and long lasting partnership with you, therefore our goal is your satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with a successful event.

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We have an internal distribution process that sends RFPs out to every property in your perspective destination or destinations as fast as possible, so we can get you the information you need as soon as possible, typically within 24-48 hours.

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When a property receives a RFP from TRS, they know that we have forwarded our RFP to all of their competitors and if they want to earn your program, they need to reply swiftly with competitive rates.

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