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Cheyenne Mountain Resort

First, a TRS Hospitality Associate will contact you to discuss your program needs and create a request for proposal (RFP) to assess potential properties.

Next, we compile the responses from the properties, follow up with the hotels and manage the process on your behalf.

At this point, we then share with you those responses/offers in an easy to read spreadsheet so you can make a more educated decision in narrowing down your options.

Finally, we help in the contract negotiations to help ensure that the property you choose is also providing a great value.

how TRS Hospitality helps

reduce your costs

TRS negotiates the best possible rates and terms (including amenities) for your programs.

​We are compensated by a placement fee from the destination that best fits your needs, making this a no cost solution to you.

TRS relieves you of the time consuming task of researching prospective destinations by prescreening based on your criteria and our knowledge of hotel/resort destinations.

No longer will you have multiple voicemails and e-mails from properties that are not the right fit for your needs.

We can coordinate site inspections, help during the contract process and always be there as a sounding board.

The process

TRS Hospitality

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